Go-Pro Ad

This is one of the most exciting ads I’ve ever seen. Go-Pros are the greatest little things because they’re strong (and cheap) enough that you can put them where a normal camera can’t go.

Ultraviole(n)t Scorpions

Two photos of the same scorpion: once under a normal flashlight, and then once under a UV flashlight. With a hand-held black light, everything is purple except bright yellow-green scorpions. That makes scorpions super easy to find at night, and makes anyone with a hand-held black light very popular when there are scorpions in the area.

Today on Daily Planet, we had some scorpions in the studio, and we showed how they glow under UV light. Actually, they don’t technically glow. They fluoress.

When you turn off the lights, scorpions are invisible, just like anything else in the dark. That’s why I say they don’t glow. But if you shine a UV light on a scorpion, it lights up greenish-yellow. That’s fluorescence. There are chemicals in the exoskeletons of scorpions that do this.

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Twitter Data

I’ve been on twitter for about a year. It’s fun. I follow some people from work, some scientists, some science writers, and some friends. I’m followed by…

Um… I have no idea.

I mean, I can make a list, or tell you what the usernames of people on that list are, but I don’t really know what sets them apart from random users. Age? Gender? Geographical location? Parasite infection status?

I have a lot of questions: Who follows me? Why do they follow me? Where do they live? What do THEY tweet about?

Surely there’s a way to have these data compiled for me… but I DO NOT want to have to tweet ads in exchange for the data. Has anybody written open source code that does this?

Any suggestions? DM me, or leave me a comment.