Baseball Game in Japan

My DP (Camera guy), Producer and I finished shooting last night with enough time to see three innings of baseball in Tokyo. Tickets were about $40 each, and we got pretty good seats.

Ross (DP), moi, and Dave (Producer) at the Baseball Game

It was a home game for the Yakult Swallows against the Yomiuri Giants. It didn’t take us long, though, to realize we were sitting in the Giants fan section. It turns out the whole crowd is split down the middle, with everyone in right field cheering for the home team and everyone in left field cheering for the away team. We (obviously) cheered along with the people around us).

Giants Fans

The game was half-decent, but the crowd was the best part. In the USA, they play a song for each player over the PA system when they get up to bat, but in Japan, everyone sings a song for the player and then chants his name. My favourite was the cheering for Lopez “Lo-Peh-Zah, Lo-Peh-Za, Lo-Peh-Za!”

Swing Batter Batter Batter

The giants lost, but man it was the most entertaining three innings I can remember watching in a long time. The trick was to keep my eyes off the game. Maybe that’s the key to enjoying baseball, generally.

Crazed Giants Fan