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Go-Pro Ad

This is one of the most exciting ads I’ve ever seen. Go-Pros are the greatest little things because they’re strong (and cheap) enough that you can put them where a normal camera can’t go.

Twitter Data

I’ve been on twitter for about a year. It’s fun. I follow some people from work, some scientists, some science writers, and some friends. I’m followed by…

Um… I have no idea.

I mean, I can make a list, or tell you what the usernames of people on that list are, but I don’t really know what sets them apart from random users. Age? Gender? Geographical location? Parasite infection status?

I have a lot of questions: Who follows me? Why do they follow me? Where do they live? What do THEY tweet about?

Surely there’s a way to have these data compiled for me… but I DO NOT want to have to tweet ads in exchange for the data. Has anybody written open source code that does this?

Any suggestions? DM me, or leave me a comment.