Monsters Inside Me

I contribute as a presenter on the show Monsters Inside Me, which airs on Animal Planet in the USA, Discovery Science in Canada, and on other networks around the world. The show has its own website here.


The show is about parasites that infect humans. My role is to help explain the biology of the creatures featured. I’ve worked on the show in all three seasons.

As the result of my involvement with the show, I’m contacted quite regularly by people who suspect that they might have undiagnosed parasites. Because I am not a medical doctor, I always recommend to those people that they seek medical help, and ask specifically “for a parasitologist or a tropical disease expert.” When I once had a botfly, the first doctor I saw didn’t believe me. Talking to people with those kinds of expertise was how I got the help I needed, and is the course I recommend for other people who need help.