Cute Animals

A few weeks back on Riskin’s Business, I pointed out that bats are cuter than Jerboas. Please direct your attention to exhibits A and B.

Which is cuter? The Jerboa (left), or the White-winged Vampire Bats (right)?

I admit I’m stacking the odds in my favour: The bats are White-winged Vampire Bats (Diaemus youngi), which are among the cutest bats out there. I think the bats are cuter, but the Jerboa’s got it going on, too. Which one do you think is cuter? (You can leave a comment, you know.)

More generally, the bigger question is “what’s cute?” This inspired me to do a separate Riskin’s Business about cuteness itself, so today we headed to the zoo.

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Kids on a Roller Coaster

Two kids getting ready to ride in the back seat of the Bizarro roller coaster at Six Flags New England, for a Riskin’s Business segment on Daily Planet

One of my favourite segments on Daily Planet so far this year was an experiment we ran with some kids on a roller coaster. The question was: Which is scarier: the front seat or the back seat? We filmed the segment in late July, and it aired on our season-opening day, September 4. You can see the segment here. We did it as part of a weekly feature called Riskin’s Business.

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Major Overhaul Underway

Okay… I’m switching the underbelly of to make it easier for me to update it. I was doing everything by hand, editing my own CSS and HTML code using TextWrangler, then using FTP software to post. That was a great way to learn how a lot of this stuff works, but it was a pain. So I’m switching to WordPress and we’ll see how this goes. Right now it’s just the default template, but I should have things nicely customized in the coming weeks.